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Mahdi Zarei Biography

Progressive Senior Web Engineer with 5+ years of experience designing, enhancing, and maintaining 15+ websites, primarily progressive web applications, mainly using Angular and Ionic at Dotin Corporation, one of the top 3 companies in the banking industry of Iran, Karafarin's Negah Bank, OMPFinex cryptocurrency exchange, and a startup in London named Elpida. Proficient in applying the Domain-Driven Design pattern (DDD) and implementing server-side rendering (SSR), incremental server-side rendering (ISR), and static site generation (SSG) techniques.

Mahdi Zarei Work Experiences

OMPFinex - Front-end Team Lead (02/2023 - Present)

  • Headed the platform, landing, and admin panel projects client-side to build a good and reliable exchange platform over 9 months of management.
  • Identified the flows in the code structure, planned a change to Domain Driven Design (DDD) pattern, and oversaw the progress through 6 months of hard work.
  • Evaluated the company resources, hired 3 new members, formed the team structure, and mentored individuals through the challenges over the last 6 months.
  • Introduced a UI kit library of 20+ components and utilities on top of Ant Design, and deployed on the company's private npm registry in 2 months.
  • Managed the migration of 3 projects to the latest version of Angular and restructured the control flow to the Angular 17 standards.

Negah Bank - Senior Web Developer (12/2022 - 02/2023)

  • Directed the client-side of the newest enterprise project of the company, a chat-based person-to-person money transactions PWA, over 3 months.
  • Settled a good relationship between units by communicating with the server-side development team as the leading role of the client-side team to improve teamwork over 3 months of development.

Dotin as a Mid-level Angular Developer (08/2020 - 12/2022)

  • Submitted 1300+ commits containing 140k+ lines of code into WePOD PWA.
  • Completed 500+ tasks and spent 4.5k+ hours on the WePOD project within an agile team of 20+ (4 client-side development members) to develop and maintain applications written in Typescript & JavaScript.
  • Structured a clean, testable, and maintainable code base, analyzed requirements, and prioritized tasks, which increased the number of users from 2k+ to 750k+ in 2 years.
  • Expedited knowledge sharing and management by 80% across the team of 20+ developers by redesigning Jira workflow with two other colleagues in the first two months.
  • Refactored the code base, which reduced bug reports by 70% in the 1st month of development.
  • Held projects on the edge of technologies by migrating WePOD PWA and WePOD admin panel code bases to the latest LTS version of Angular every three months.
  • Got promoted twice within 12 months due to strong performance and organizational impact - ahead of schedule by 6 months.

YOLO Team - Junior Full-stack Developer (06/2021 - 02/2022)

  • Solved complicated mathematical problems, added 20k+ lines of code, performed refactoring and optimization, and facilitated procedures by writing queries over MongoDB using mongoose as ORM in 7 months of development.
  • Coordinated in a team of 6 to Develop and maintain highly complicated game rules into a platform over six months with 200+ bug-less commits injected into production.

Promte - Junior Front-end Developer (07/2019 - 04/2020)

  • Developed and merged 300+ commits into 10+ projects simultaneously in the first three months with an on-time deliverance rate of 100%.
  • Upgraded codes to the latest tech to develop and maintain 10+ websites for clients worldwide, including Elpida, over seven months.
  • Dealt with complicated mathematical problems during developing a website builder as the company's main product for over seven months and had 100+ commits on the mentioned project.
  • Gained experience in the Ionic framework by constructing 3 PWAs in three months.
  • Designed and implemented more than 20 HTML pages in the Elpida project using PHP blades in two months.
  • Answered 200+ (acceptance rate of 33%) questions regarding Angular & Ionic in Stackoverflow since 2018.

Mahdi Zarei Technical Skills

  • Angular
  • TypeScript
  • RxJs
  • Ionic Framework
  • Nx
  • DDD pattern
  • JavaScript
  • Git
  • Sass
  • Less
  • Tailwind
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • Node.js
  • Express.js
  • MongoDB

Mahdi Zarei Educations

Applied Mathematics (University of Tehran (2014-2016))

  • Did not graduate due to following dreams as soon as possible.

Mathematics (Shahid Sattari (NODET) (2010-2014))


Who Am I?

I'm Mohammad Mahdi Zarei, a progressive Senior Web Engineer with over 5 years of experience designing, enhancing, and maintaining more than 15 websites. My expertise lies in developing progressive web applications using Angular and Ionic. I have worked at Dotin Corporation, one of the top 3 companies in the banking industry in Iran, as well as Karafarin's Negah Bank. Additionally, I have gained remote work experience at startups like Elpida in London and OMPFinex cryptocurrency exchange.

What Does a Website Engineer Do?

A website engineer is a computer and technology professional who builds websites and applications. Using computer coding skills, they can create web applications and destinations that meet user needs. They can also maintain these applications and monitor them to ensure that their functionality remains intact. While many website engineers can work for various organizations across industries to help them create technical resources.

What Can I Do?

I am proficient in applying the Domain-Driven Design pattern (DDD) and implementing server-side rendering (SSR), incremental server-side rendering (ISR), and static site generation (SSG) techniques to enhance user experiences on websites.